1. Germany >Tunisia
2. Tunisia >Libya >Egypt
3. Egypt >Sudan
4. Sudan >Ethiopia >Kenya
5. Kenya >Tanzania >Kenya
6. Kenya >Tanzania
7. Tanzania >Zambia
8. Zambia >Tanzania
9. And where are we now?

Finally we got stuck in Arusha, Tanzania, a place that we had allready reached from Capetown with a rental car. Here we took the decision to give up our professional careers in Germany in order to live in this amazing spot between Serengeti and Mount Kilimanjaro.

We bought Arumeru River Lodge from Norbert and spent 9 exciting years with our guests from all over the world. The Landy remained to be our reliable companion all the time. We extended the lodge and built another one until we decided to come back to Germany in 2019.

Now we explore the beautiful European continent with our new 4x4 caravan built on the chassis of a Mercedes Sprinter.

Just recently we have finished renovation works on our vacation home "Landskrone" where we will host 2-6 persons at a time next to our home from September 2019 on.

Warm regards
Maren & Torsten